We Place Positive Reviews

Got some bad reviews? We can help!


Bad reviews happen to good businesses. Weather it was a competitor, an impossible customer, or simply a mistake that was made; sooner or later all businesses are hit with negative reviews. We help you by drowning out the negative reviews with positive reviews from your happy customers. Your average star rating will be high and negative reviews are driven down towards the bottom of results. All established businesses have some negative reviews, the trick is to make sure there are many more positive reviews than negative reviews.


Marketing and Advertising


An abundance of positive reviews drives customers to businesses. It used to be that some paid directory listings and a reasonable bid on adwards would drive plenty of business. These days potential customers pay much less attention to paid advertising and much more to consumer reviews placed on Yelp.com, Google.com and other review websites. The businesses with the most positive reviews get the lions share of the customers. The Reputation Professional is the only service that gives you control over this phenominom and allows you to compete in this marketplace.