When am I actually charged for this service?

You are not charged until after your review is published and displays properly.

Is my information kept confidential?

Absolutely. Discretion is paramount, your information will not be shared or sold to anyone.

Do you post fake reviews?

No. We help you get reviews from your happy customers published.

I have received a bad review on a prominent review site. The reviewer is a competitor who has left a bad review and even included the phone number to their business in the review. How can you help me with this situation?

We can facilitate the posting of a number of good reviews from your happy customers to the profile. These reviews will by nature, sound more genuine and will display higher up in the review list.

When potential customers see that you have much more good reviews than bad reviews, and that the bad review looks suspiciously like it was placed by a competitor, your company will be the more attractive choice.

Additionally, companies that have more reviews look more established and legitimate. In this way, the reviews act as advertising in addition to damage control. Companies that have us place 5-10 reviews see an average of 27% greater call volume from new customers. Our services are valuable as “damage control”, but ultimately more valuable as an advertising tool.

How often do you suggest having reviews placed?

Most customers choose to have reviews placed once per week or once every two weeks. Industries that receive a large amount of reviews to begin with (such as restaurants) often choose to have reviews placed twice per week. Companies that want to “maintain” a good reputation and add reviews slowly often choose one per month.