Jeff B. – Chevy Chase, MD

Recently, a few bad decisions on my partner’s behalf have left a bad taste in several of our client’s mouths. As a result, we were the recipient of some less than stellar online reviews. We immidiately experienced a definite drop in call volume. That was when we sought out your services. Those nasty reviews are now burried at yhe bottom of a ton of good ones thanks to the amazing job you did in restoring our good name.

Neeraj M. – Long Beach, CA

Despite the fact that I gave refunds and also offered product replacement, our company’s reputation was damaged and we feared that it was damaged beyond repair. We are more than pleased at the professional level of service that we received. Our reputation has been saved and business is better than ever. Thanks so much!

Meagan. J. – Fairfax, VA

Not only did your service help to restore my less than perfect online business reputation, but I also moved up in the Google search rankings and we have also noticed an increase in calls each day. We have made a full recovery and even gained some new contracts as a result of your great service!

Jane. F. – New York, NY

A customer mentioned to us that we had received some not so nice reviews onine. I was worried about what this could potentially mean for my business and immediately searched what I could do to hopefully recover. You were very effective in assisting me in getting my reputation restored and I want to thank you for that.

Andrew D. – Washington, DC

My company recently took a few hits in regards to online reviews due to an error in shipping. I was disheartened until I found your services. Not only have I gotten my reputation back but beleive we have also gained a few new clients as a result.

Brad. S – Little Rock, Arkansas

We went through a rough patch and made a few mistakes. I always offered to make amends, but we still paid dearly with a few scathing reviews online. Your services have allowed me to not only recover, but they work well as a marketing tool. We actually get more calls now than we did before